The latest version of Escape Room: Mystery Word for Android

Escape Room: Mystery Word is an awesome game in the category of words created and published by Worzzle Team’s Game Studios. As the name suggests, this game will enter into a room. You must exit this room anyway. But to get out, you need to solve the difficult puzzles. This is a fascinating game in the category of words and is very attractive for lovers of this category. You must guess and enter the password in order to see the signs that you see in each step so you can open the door and exit the room.

Escape Room: Mystery Word Download game Escape from the room of the Razalood world

The game features Escape Room: Mystery Word

  • A fascinating game in the category of words
  • Easy gameplay
  • Simple and beautiful two dimensional graphics
  • Has more than 240 stages
  • No Time Limit
  • Charming Challenges
  • Find the password
  • There are three tips at each step
  • No need for internet
  • And other features

As stated above, Escape Room: Mystery Word is an awesome game in the category of words that you can experiment with exciting brain teasers by installing and executing it. You must enter a password each step of the game to open the door. Each step will have a different password, which you will need to guess using the threads in the room. You can also use the game tips to guess the word faster. The game has a simple and decent design, and the gameplay can be entertained alongside the fascinating brain teasers.