Record notes on Android phone with Evernote Android

Evernote Premium is a great app! Writing and recording notes these days is very simple thanks to smartphones and tablets, and with them anywhere you can easily access a single paper and virtual machine, and write down everything you want.

Usually by default there is software to do this on Android phones, but maybe this software can not cover all your needs. That’s why this time on the top Android site we are going to introduce a powerful software in the field Evernote, with which you can simply record your notes!


Features of Evernote Notes

  • Ability to write notes, checklist and various research
  • Organize web content, docs and images
  • Talk about your work with other people within the app
  • Full and cracked version
  • With the introduction of the special widget app and complementary to this software called Evernote Widget

Evernote is considered to be the best Android application recorder ever to receive more than 500 million downloads from Google Play. With this software and the full range of features you can, you can simply record the notes you want whenever you want. You will also have the opportunity to share the notes recorded in this program and discuss them.

Note: The Evernote Widget software we’ve prepared for you will allow you to access your recorded notes through the phone’s home screen.For this reason, we recommend installing Evernote if you have installed Evernote.

Some uses of Evernote

  • The research is much faster with the ability to paste pictures on the application’s whiteboard
  • Writing class hours and meeting appointments with the ability to search among them
  • Ability to plan for a trip like maps, tickets, passports and more.
  • Organize and store recipes (bake recipe) and search capabilities based on the manufacturer’s materials
  • Create a grocery list or task list and the things you need to check them out
  • Visibility of web pages stored on your background
  • Capture different ideas and inspirations
  • Access files and notes made by you from the home page
  • Reduce the use of physical paper by taking pictures of restaurant menus, business cards and titles
  • Use the app to organize your work and have a better order,Read Also..