Quick Launcher for Android Everywhere Launcher

Everywhere Launcher is a launcher for speeding up users’ access to apps and widgets installed on the phone. With this launcher, you can create shortcuts in your phone with one click from the home screen.


  • Add the most used apps to the sidebar of the handset
  • Add apps and widgets to the front of the previous sidebar
  • Put the manu in the top, left and right sections for different programs
  • Placing blacklisted programs to prevent execution
  • Supports different Ekon Pack

Everywhere Launcher can create sliders in right and left sidebar as well as upright. You can put any program or game or widget you want in these tapes to be able to access existing apps by dragging them down. This will require that you do not need to log into the phone to enter a specific application. This software can also give a beautiful look to your phone to get everyone’s attention.