Interesting and wonderful game Evil Cogs 

Super beautiful gameplay with black theme 

Fine art design with great storyline 

The evil thorns have invaded the world and have taken a lot of dangerous and wild creatures! Evil Cogs is an extraordinarily beautiful black adventure game developed by Wet Fish Studio. Two-dimensional games, especially with the black and white (Noir) theme, which have been immersed in this game, are heavily focused on lighting and brightening up the aspects of Expressionism. The game of evil thorns is one of the most beautiful two-dimensional games in which you need to survive with a small and weird creature who wants to be saved, and you need to help him survive.

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atributies :

  • Great graphics with lovely characters
  • Very interesting and attractive black and white designs
  • Very simple and fluid control
  • Locations and diverse areas with their special charm
  • Very attractive and beautiful gameplay

Introducing Evil Cogs 

The game takes place in a world where the evil thorns have brought the world to the depths of darkness, and almost everything has been destroyed and no one has survived. In the meantime, you will be loved with a creature that only wants to be saved and not surrender to darkness. Help him stay away from the dangerous and deadly traps on his way and continue his journey. In this game, you will see amazing locations and regions and connect with different elements. The world in which it will walk will be destroyed by darkness. Jump from the holes you encounter on their way. Also, remember that you should avoid the sharp and dreaded thorns that we will remember with the title of the game, evil curses, and no darkness will conquer the existence of the character of your character.