Extreme Road Trip 2 is an addictive and addictive game

Fantasy and cartoon design with two-dimensional design
Simple and fluid gameplay in Arcade style
Canadian Roofdog Games Studio
More than 50 million downloads in Google Play
Normal version + Modified version

Extreme Road Trip 2 is a fun and engaging Android game developed by Canadian Roofdog Games Studio after the popularity of the first part of the game and released for free. The fascinating features of the game relate to its simple, yet entertaining and competitive gameplay.Join us on the introduction and review of this lovely game.


atributies :

  • Two-dimensional design
  • Lovely and addictive gameplay in the arcade games category
  • A fun, competitive and challenging style of play
  • There are 78 different cars and can be unlocked
  • Ability to perform various dramatic performances
  • Imaginary visual effects and explosions
  • There are more than 10 different places to travel
  • Ability to compete with friends and other online people in the world
  • There are various special capabilities and forces
  • It has an online leaderboard for recording world records and competitions
  • Awesome and audible text music

Introducing and reviewing the game Extreme Road Trip 2

If you are looking for a fun game with a simple yet competitive gameplay, it’s not possible to be surprised if you do not play Extreme Road Trip 2. This cute, seemingly unobtrusive look, comes with a challenging and addictive gameplay. Extreme Road Trip 2 is a successful title from the Roofdog Games Studio, which sought success in the first part of production and introduction.

In the Extreme Road Trip 2 game, you are in the role of a driver traveling to more than 10 different places in the world. In each trip on the pedal road, the cars of this driver will be troubled and the car will not be stopped. Now you have to control the car with high skill and avoid overturning it. Extreme Road Trip 2 has more than 75 different types of cars designed for you to buy and unlock in advance, earn points and coins.

Extreme Road Trip 2 also has an online section to compete with friends and other online people around the world for a better woman record.You can make the game more entertaining with dozens of different item types and special forces. Performing a few more moves is one of the most important benefits of this fun game. The gameplay is very simple and its design is two-dimensional. The gameplay is done in two-dimensional fashion.