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FaceApp v2.0.854 Apk is Available !

Smart Face Detection FaceApp

PRO version of the app with all the functionality

You’ve probably seen a number of changes to the screenshots so far, with the help of which you can make extensive changes to the images. These software usually give users the ability to change their age, change their appearance, and so on. But this time we’re going to introduce a completely different software called FaceApp, which has a powerful and unique AI.


  • Add a nice smile to the pictures: D
  • Young or aging faces of people
  • Increase the attractiveness of people in pictures
  • Change gender from woman to man and vice versa

Features of the Pro version of the Facebook app

  • No ads
  • Remove Watermark from Pictures
  • Processing images at high speed dedicated servers

With FaceApp, you can make dramatic changes to your images. This software can create potentially unparalleled changes. For example, you can give a nice smile to the people in the picture, so that no one understands the smile added to the artificial image.There is also the possibility of age changing completely realistic and you can show yourself old or younger than you are. One of the most interesting features of this software is sex change. With this tool, you can simply turn a man into a man or woman as a man; it’s quite real and stunning!

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