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Fairy Kingdom World of Magic v2.2.8 MOD Apk is Available !

The latest version of Fairy Kingdom World of Magic Android

Ordinary Regular + Infused with Infinite Money

Welcome to the World (Fairy Tale)! Where you can build your own city, help your legendary hero! Discover the secrets of old things and fight the power of love for friendship with evil forces!

If you are a fan of strategic games, we suggest playing Fairy Kingdom World of Magic.

Fairy Kingdom HD Download


  • More than 250 different searches tell you the story of our rule!
  • Dozens of different buildings to build
  • 7 different characters who need your help and will pay you back in the future!
  • A massive map with fascinating places to discover and mysterious strangers to meet!
  • Hundreds of rewards and achievements with a useful collectible collection of items in this game
  • Game quality and animations from ROTINA ™
  • There’s no need for the internet to play (except for initial setup and more updates)
  • Regular updates and special offers. Competitions for those who are in our Facebook crowd.
  • Our mysterious and fun story keeps you up to the end of the game!

Game Review Fairy Kingdom World of Magic

One day, a prince lived in a very far-off kingdom. On a nice and enjoyable day, he went to the nearest forest for hunting, where he saw a princess. He was imprisoned by a magician! The prince saved him and then those two fell in love with each other !!. There was nothing left to get married … The wicked witch was found from an unknown location. He was back to take revenge on the Prince and his beloved candidate! She turned them into stone sculptures with their dark magic! The rule fell and miserable misfortune!

After one or two centuries, no one ever remembered the prince and his beloved. Their fate turned into ruins, and all people sought a better place to live, left the kingdom. Little by little, there was no room for joy on the island. But a small coincidence will come back to the island!

One day they found a little fairy statue and erased their spell. It’s a pity that Perry’s method for the Prince’s nominee, Hades, did not answer !! Now it’s time for the prince and her friends to save Hesh and bring the rule back to their peak days. And she is you!Who is supposed to help them!

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