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Fallout Shelter v1.13.2 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

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Fallout Shelter is a prestigious project of the Fallout series that was first launched in 1997 for the first time. The project has continued until today, and so far 10 consoles have been released. The developer of the game is Bethesda Game Studios, Inc., which has released these games with the Behavior Interactive Studio. The publisher of the game is also Bethesda Softworks. Now, after 18 years of launching the first version of the game, Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of the game, has decided to release a version of the series for the Android and iOS operating systems. In this article, we’re going to introduce the game for Android platforms.

Fallout Shelter game

Features :

  • Highly detailed graphics
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Has a super professional and strategic management style
  • Ability to hire new forces
  • Ability to upgrade forces to higher levels and levels
  • Ability to build and build industrial bases and …
  • Ability to manage various departments
  • Extremely large zoom and detail display
  • Ability to upgrade different parts
  • Ability to increase base efficiency by creating different systems
  • There is a wide range of different industrial tools and …

Review of the game Fallout Shelter

The Fallout series, which professional gamers surely know about their new releases, are the title of a series of over 10 original and subcategory games (DLCs) from 1997 to 2015. This series of games are all comet but with new content. In 2015, after the 7th year that Fallout 3 and its DLC, Fallout: New Vegas, were released in 2008 for the 7th generation of PCs and PCs, game developers produced a new version of it. Fallout 4 will be introduced in 2014 and will be available in mid-2015 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC consoles of the eighth generation.

With Fallout 4 this time, creators released a simpler version of the game for Android and iOS platforms, and named it Fallout Shelter. This version is structurally different, graphics and gameplay is completely different from consular versions, and the only common point among them is their story content. The Fallout series has been RPGs or RPGs from the beginning, but the mobile version of the games is this time in a managerial / strategic style.

The story of Fallout Shelter

The story of the Fallout series is the strength of it. This fascinating story line has a great deal of excitement, and it’s anxious for players to keep track of the story. The story of the Fallout series relates to the adventures of the Cold War after World War II.Where recently the governments of powerful military nations such as the US and the Soviet Union have achieved nuclear weapons and nuclear technology.

Military threats are increasingly confronting peace in the world, where these threats relate to several atomic attacks in different parts of the planet. Different countries are bombarded by nuclear bombs, and the planet is transformed into an area infected with radioactive radiation and chemical substances spreading from nuclear weapons. This global catastrophe will make the whole of the Earth’s atmosphere more radioactive and dangerous. Hence, various countries have launched large caves in the heart of the earth called Fallout Shelter to reduce casualties. Fallout Shelter, in fact, is the bodyguard of human life and, since it is built in the heart of the earth, it blocks the way of penetration of radioactive and chemical substances. After these catastrophes, humans are forced to live in these huge caves.

The deadly results of these attacks remain decades later. Just when these attacks end, the military armies of different countries attack other countries in order to collect the spoils and resources, and this horrible war will continue until 2077. Now you have to act as one of the leaders and leaders of the people who are responsible for managing a popular and industrial base. All people in the world live in caves called Vault. You need to manage your Vault or Cave marked with a specific number.

Fallout Shelter gameplay

Fallout Shelter is a simulation and managerial / strategic style. Your task is to manage your Vault well and expand it. At first there are several simple rooms in your database. You must do two important things by hiring and employing people. First, save them from starvation and the risk of death through radioactive radiation, and secondly use them to increase the productivity and development of your base. Different parts of your database can be created. It’s about your strategic ability to manage the right sectors. Note that you need to quickly address the needs of your forces so that you can keep them high.

The gameplay is in a two-dimensional style and faces face. You will be able to see the most detailed details by zooming in. The game has an elementary education section and will accompany you to the first phase. In these tutorials, you get to know how things are, and learn what you need to prioritize. The game has many industrial and manufacturing sectors. Each employee has a variety of capabilities and can work for you in a specific section.

There is also the ability to upgrade employees and departments that increase the speed and quality of work of these departments and employees. Apart from the management of industrial and military sectors, you should also consider the personal situation of your employees. You can create simple and stylish living rooms in these underground bases, and give them a variety of couples to live in and even have children.

You need to defend your base, except the management department. There will be a lot of internal and internal threats in this game. The enemy forces may unexpectedly attack your underground base and loot your resources. You should be ready for such occasions. To do this, you can prepare various weapons and train your soldiers. Also, by wearing safety clothing and protective penetration of chemicals in the air, you can go out of the basement to discover the valued and hidden elements.

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