Shooting Games and Action The Far Tin Bandits 

Orchid gameplay with a beautiful atmosphere of the Wild West 

Selling on Google Play for $ 1.5

With a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in Google Play

The Far Tin Bandits is a new and completely action- like game that runs fast and fun and has its main axis on cannons. The Canyon Bandit game is made by Studio 2Cherries Studio , and Gameplay has become a lovely and attractive western space. Not to mention that the game is sold in Polystyrene at a price of $ 1.5, and has now released its first version. In this game you will enter the Wild West and you will have to shoot in cans in different environments and locksmiths!

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atributies :

  • Attractive and different characters
  • Shooting into a lot of cans
  • Streams and stages are very diverse and varied
  • Shooting into cans in different modes of curvature, rotation, explosion and …
  • Attractive and lovely locations
  • Wonderful Western music

In the game The Far Tin Bandits , along with seven colorful and mutilated beads that have unique abilities, you have to fill your gun and make your way just by shooting! You will enter into the real nature of the Wild West, where only one word is spoken, and the weaker will make its place stronger. In the game of cannons, you can shoot with cans in different modes, which may be spin, curved or explosive, all of which are in unique locations such as mined roads, deserts, mines and cemeteries. It runs.