Farming Simulator 18 Farming Simulator

Released by GIANTS Software

After introducing the successive series of Farming Simulator games, it’s time to introduce the new version of the game titled Version 18, which has been developed by GIANTS Software. The previous series of Android-based game simulators has attracted a lot of fans, and this issue will be repeated for the 2018 version!

Farming Simulator 18 Android Farming Simulator

The game features an agricultural simulator

  • The use of realistic tractors and trucks from the largest manufacturing companies
  • Planting six different types of seeds including wheat, rapeseed, corn, beetroot, potato and sunflower.
  • Breeding pigs from different breeds and selling them to make more money
  • Cow and sheep for the use of milk and wool
  • Use of a special loader for the transport and removal of wood and garbage
  • A three-dimensional display and a game in the south of Manhattan
  • Removing wood using special machines and selling them
  • Ability to play the game in multiplayer with WiFi or Bluetooth

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As the name suggests, Farming Simulator 18 is a game in the field of agriculture and farm management, where you can use the various industrial machines to farm and farm management and sell the products you cultivate. Similarly, with the money you earn, you can buy more features to make the game easier for you.

In Farming Simulator 18 you can experience a full range farm. In this game, you will first have the industrial machinery like a tractor and a simple truck that you will need to grow with them, and you will be able to get better trucks and tractors by getting more money through the sale of your products. Buy to increase your facilities for farming. Of course, the cars used in this Android game do not end here and at least you can buy other machines such as garbage collectors, wood picking, carts and more, all of which will make things easier for you. In this version of the game we will witness the addition of new industrial vehicles from the world-renowned industrial automotive companies.

Of course, the way to earn money in the agricultural simulation game is not just about farming. Besides farming, you can also grow domestic animals and use these products to grow these animals. For example, you can use cows and sheep and pigs; sell milk and wool of cattle and sheep, or sell them with a large breed of pigs. This can bring significant benefits to you alongside farming.

The Farming Simulator 18, with its excellent graphics and great 3D environment, can attract users who are interested in this style of gaming. No addictive gameplay can be ignored at all. If you are a fan of the Farm Games, we suggest that you do not miss the 2018 version of the farm simulator.

Note: The normal version of the game is not cracked and you need to use a lacquer patch to resolve the license problem.