Android FBReader Reader app

Support for Persian language

Ability to run PDFs and EPUBs

FBReader Premium is known as one of the best and most powerful e-book editing software on Android, which allows you to view eBooks on Android phones and tablets.



  • Create a virtual ebook reader
  • Rotate books to read them more accurately
  • Search the text or the word among the entire book
  • Full support for Persian sweet language
  • Supports ePub, fb2, chm, rtf, plucker
  • View and edit book information

If we want to talk right, we can say that e-books have succeeded in replacing ordinary books these days. The reason for this is clear: users can always have e-books at their fingertips, and they can easily read their books at any place they want using their handset.Read Also..

So, we can say that the availability of electronic books is one of the things that has replaced these types of books rather than conventional books. But as you know, running an e-book on a mobile phone requires a proper program that allows you to run such books.

This time on ApkTops site, we are going to introduce one of the best and most powerful eBook implementation programs under the name of FBReader, which will allow you to easily and easily run electronic books on your Android tablet or tablet.

This software supports full-fledged Persian-language books and will not have any problems with the implementation of such books. It is also possible to use the FBReader program in landscape mode and the unclean to read books more easily. You can get this app directly from the top Android site.