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FIFA 14 Game v1.3.6 Mode Apk + Data Download

FIFA 14 Game one of the most popular FIFA soccer game series that, despite the release of 2015 and 2016, due to the ability to play offline at the user still has many fans.

Check Apktops to introduce a version that is already bought and paid version has all the features of the game and select the game you play the League and the friendly and … without the payment of money to performed free of charge versions made many of which have been published on the Internet and especially the majority of Iranian sites free version and almost useless for any operation, even a friendly game that you have to pay!

FIFA 14 in this version has more than 33 leagues, 600 teams and thousands of players is 16, the English Premier League to La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga you are all in this game! There are more than 34 authentic stadiums from around the world and also the ability to hear and translate the game into Italian, Spanish, German, French and English, which can be one of the most realistic soccer Android brought to you.

Touch controllers also amazing game in such a way that by holding and dragging players to move a point from their land and to control and shoot powerful and intense as possible with just one touch.

FIFA 14 FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS ™ 1.3.3 for Android

Game Features:

  • Fantastic graphics
  • New Touch Control
  • 34 authentic stadiums.
  • The game includes 33 leagues and over 600 teams
  • Promotion game by opening three additional
  • Buy and sell players to FIFA to create your own fantasy team

Download Apk and data for the game and guide the appropriate use of data files and copy of the data file to read more, see this post.

This version unlocks do not like the previous version and simply install it and run.

Enable reporting of English in the game

To activate the reporter English should be the second data file download and folder names in the path com.ea.game.fifa14_row Android / data copy.

Mode and unlock version 1.3.6 version of FIFA 14:

It was released to positive newly released and best FIFA 14 is released to positive APK file in which the official version of Google Gymz connectivity is also provided. English is also active unlocks all sectors and the Rapporteur.


FIFA 14 for Android by Freedom unlock method as necessary:

If, after installation, the problem being encountered unlocking program Freedom to install and pay in-app game by Freedom to do.

After installing the Freedom once run it and exit the application. If you install Pachter Lucky temporarily erase it.

He then entered the game and in the Play the TOURNAMENT KICK OFF AND MANAGER MODE and buy to open.


  1. This version of the game the best among all available versions has been released to positive and 100% tested and is safe.
    The latest version of the game that was previously 1.3.6 (and not much different from this version) and because it is difficult to unlock this alternate version.
    The game may not run on Android 5.0 and with a black face.
    It’s easy on the Bluestacks runs.
    This game has been removed from the Google Play FIFA 15 has been replaced.
    This version is completely offline, but you can play online together.

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