Play FIFA Soccer for Android FIFA Mobile Soccer

Full version without limitations
Excellent graphics and low-volume examples
A fantastic gameplay in the style of the games of the console version of FIFA
The official product of EA 

When everyone was waiting for the release of the FIFA 17 by EA , just when mobile gamers were waiting for the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team for Android operating systems, the EA Geneva gaming unit responsible for making the mobile games of the company, Unveiled with the new Fifa Mobile. Unlike anything thought to be, it’s not the title of FIFA 17, but an independent game that was released and released for the FIFA 17 for game consoles.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Soccer Game Features for Android

  • Extensive graphics with very high detail
  • Fully three-dimensional design
  • Drawings are modeled on real player movements, just like the versions of the game consoles of FIFA
  • Choosing a favorite club team from the top European leagues
  • Very entertaining and professional gameplay in the evolutionary soccer style (exactly the same as the FIFA style)
  • Possibility of full team management
  • Has a professional and professional training and training division
  • There are hundreds of items, prizes and other features
  • Ability to play in the league, tournament and …

Introducing and reviewing FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer is the exclusive title of Electronic Arts from the FIFA series, which was released on FIFA 17 at game consoles for mobile operating systems. While everyone, like in recent years, was expecting a massive game and, of course, the FIFA 17 for mobile platforms, the company unleashed an even simpler game without the FIFA 17 titles.

The FIFA Mobile Soccer game is based entirely on the latest standards in the FIFA series. The extraordinary graphics optimizations made on the game have not resulted in the initial size of the game to 100 MB. With this great volume, along with high graphics, 3D design and realistic gameplay, just like the past versions, this game is very popular and enjoyable.

FIFA Mobile Sacramento is the best choice for a favorite club team at the beginning of the game. Once selected, you can enter the main games in several tutorials (Tutorial section) and when you are familiar with the style of the game. These games include the top European league games. Over Fifa Mobile Soccer has more than 30 valid leagues, 650 club teams and more than 17,000 players!

Note: The FIFA Mobile Sacramento game is completely online and there is no offline file for it. The side data of each stage is loaded during loading steps.