File Manager File Manager – File Manager / Explorer

Sony Ericsson default handler file

Premium and full-featured version with all features

File Commander – File Manager / Explorer is a program for managing files within the phone, which allows you to manage files within your phone. The app is set to default on Sony phones, and users who use Sony phones will certainly be familiar with the File Commander.



  • It has an awesome appearance and fast and fluid performance
  • Quick access to files by sorting
  • Access to various cloud services
  • Performing the main actions of copying, cutting, deleting, renaming and …
  • Hide files and folders inside the phone

File Commander is a professional and professional file manager for Android smartphones. By installing it on your Android phone, you can control all files inside the phone into classifieds. This app has an awesome look-and-feel file manager that will make it a great experience for you. File Commander also allows you to hide files inside the phone. This software also gives users access to cloud services.