File Explorer Plus-Root powerful file explorer

Delivered by NextApp 
Can be installed on rooted phones

In order to be able to view and run files inside your phone, you need a program to manage them, which is referred to as “file manager.” By default, the manager file manager is installed on all Android phones so users can view and manage their files. But if for some reason the features of the default file manager app can not meet your needs, you can use the various programs provided in the file management field and control the files that are in your phone.

File Explorer


  • Ability to use multiple windows simultaneously
  • Ability to move between folders like Windows Explorer
  • Display the icons and details in the file manager
  • Cut / Copy / Paste / Delete using the clipboard
  • Selecting files and folders simply by swiping the file
  • Spatial analysis of file storage
  • Easy reading and editing of text files
  • Having gallery capabilities (displaying video, music and pictures individually)
  • Run and make zip files like zip, rar and more.
  • Has a separate section for managing Bluetooth
  • Ability to use virtual clouds such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, amd SugarSync
  • It has FTP, SFTP, and SMB networking capabilities that are easy to access and through the home screen
  • Easy to use as Root Explorer (requires root)

File Explorer is a software utility for managing files within the phone, which has more features than the default Android phone file manager.One of the most important features of this app is the ability to install and use on routers. The ability to perform basic tasks such as copy, cut, move, paste and … is in this file management application. File management is also provided by the File Explorer application. This software lets you, in addition to making compressed files, also open these files on your Android phone. As you know, this tool does not exist in many default file managers.

Note: This software is the same as the FX File Explorer that has been completely transformed and even the software icon has been changed.