An exciting and addicting game for the ultimate kick

Unique graphics with memorable blows 

Over 10,000,000 active installations in Google Play

Final kick is a new and different type of football game that focuses only on direct shootings, featuring high-impact shoot-throughs and freebies, and runs with absolute emotions. The game of penalty shootout has been released by the Ivanovich Games studio, which features very beautiful games on its record. In the game categorized in the sports genre, you just have to keep your precision and blow your punches accurately in both penalty and free kick, which reflects your skill level!

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  • Extremely realistic and quality graphics
  • The ability to watch the blows done as a scene
  • View complete and accurate details with realistic animations
  • Realistic infinite character graphics created with the latest animation day technologies
  • Very simple and fluid visual control
  • Multiplayer versus friends and other players in Real-Time
  • Nearly 20 tournaments and contests
  • Ability to create and customize the team
  • Conduct weekly competitions with various awards
  • The game is completely free without buying various items
  • Unparalleled effects of shots and balls that double the excitement of the game

Unlike other football games, the game does not imply a game of soccer, which is precisely what makes the game a fantastic game of graphics and quality. Different football elements are eliminated, and only two appealing modes, namely, free kick and penalty shootout, are featuring tens and hundreds of exciting and memorable moments in the World Cup finals or as a simple competition. A team runs against friends or other players around the world. According to the manufacturer’s description of the game with a special graphics and excellent gameplay, you will feel that you have not been on the first seat of the stadium. Shots and launches also come with unique effects that reject the fun and excitement of the game from the boundaries of an addictive game!