Finding devices connected to wifi with Fing – Network Tools

More than 5 million downloads from Google Play

The Fing-Network Tools app can provide you complete information about the network you are connected to. With this software, you can view information like a Mac address, IP address and so on. With the help of this application, you can identify all devices that are connected to your network system and disconnect them from the connection if you wish.

Fing - Network Tools


  • Display MAC Address and Device Builder
  • Enter your own personal name, icon, memo and location
  • Full search based on IP, Mac, name and HP
  • Scroll through all the history of the networks
  • Share with twitter, facebook, message and email
  • Service scanning: Search and hundreds of open ports in a few seconds
  • Check availability of Internet connection
  • Tracking when you leave or your local network
  • Run programs for specific ports like browsers, SSH, FTP
  • Support for identity authentication with IP address for bridge networks
  • Sort by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor, Status, Last Changes
  • No annoying banner ads
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod