Firefox browser Firefox Browser for Android

Released by Mozilla  
Includes x86 version

With the release of Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation has been able to bring its name to tongues and gain worldwide reputation. The browser launched by the company is now known as one of the top browsers in the Windows version.

But for a while, Mozilla has come up with the idea of ​​popularizing its browser among Android users. Mozilla has therefore launched the Firefox Browser for Android for Android users for Android users who have Android handsets that can use this browser on their phone and can be unlocked at a great rate. Browse through your Android phone or tablet. Android Firefox is one of the most important rivals of the Android Chrome browser .

Firefox Firefox Android

Android Firefox features

  • Has an excellent speed on loading pages on the Internet
  • Utilize the Skia Graphics Engine technology to load pages faster
  • Ability to share information through NFC
  • Night mode for nighttime and low light
  • Ability to play sound on web pages that have sound
  • Possibility to install and support multiple plugins
  • Displays non-overlapping pages in full screen
  • Full HTML5 support
  • Have a search engine for texts that are inside pages
  • Excellent security and good example
  • Has multiple skins to change the appearance of the application
  • Supports adding custom pages to the bookmarks section
  • Has history to display loaded pages

High speed and security

If you ask the users of mobile phones what they expect from a browser, no doubt most of their answer is security, as well as the speed of loading web pages. Without a doubt, the Mozilla Firefox browser Firefox Browser for Android delivers both features. On the other hand, the Android Firefox browser has a very high security and performance that will not endanger your safety at all, and on the other hand thanks to the support of the Skia Graphics Engine technology, it has an excellent speed of loading web pages. Using Firefox, you can put the pages you like into the bookmarks list so you can easily access them.

Supports plugins and skins

The Android Firefox browser, like its Windows version, supports plug-ins and will make it very easy for users to customize and customize it with their full features by installing their plug-ins. They do. There are numerous shells for the time when you want to change the application, very functional. This is also the point in Android Firefox, and you can choose from the different layouts that you have chosen, and change the appearance of the application using it.

Firefox is kind to your eyes

If you are one of the users who pay for web browsing before bedtime, we’d like to say that in Firefox Browser for Android, web browsing has been greatly enhanced at night. You will be able to see the light of the room with a lower light on the screen so that the problem with the light on the tablet or the phone will not annoy your eyes!