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Firefox Focus Lite and Style for Android 5+

Firefox Focus Android Firefox Focus


  • Blocks access to many Internet trackers without any specific settings
  • Easy clean up of history without registration of passwords, cookies and trackers
  • High speed by removing website ads
  • Released by Mozilla’s most popular and popular Android app

Review of the new Firefox Android Focus Browser

Maintaining security on the Internet today is one of the most important issues that should be given special attention. Surfing the Internet has become one of the entertainment of most people, and now we see that most smartphones are connected to the Internet. Always one of the things that harassed users when browsing the web is to display annoying ads that run on websites. Mozilla has been thinking of this problem, and with the release of the Firefox security version, the Android operating system (originally provided for iOS) has solved this problem.Read Also..

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser is a security and firewall security version that allows you to surf the web safely. With this browser, you do not have to worry about your security when you surf the web, because none of your passwords, typed words, and even websites you see, will not be stored in the Firefox Firefox memory and That’s why no one will be able to view and track you.

Of course, the use of Firefox focus does not end there. Another feature of this powerful browser is the ability to block all types of ads that you see on different websites. Powerful Firefox Focus software is able to prevent malware from running on sites. It should be noted that the failure to run ads on websites may also increase the speed of web browsing as it takes a shorter time to load websites.