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Fish Farm 3 v1.0 Apk is Available !

A fascinating and popular fish breeding and care for the Fish Farm’s huge ocean

Fish Farm is the title of the game that in fact is gracefully nicknamed the best game in this field, and with the addictive gameplay and the unique design of the simulation game, the leader of Android games in the playground. In this game you start a game with an empty 3D aquarium and you have to fish for it. 120 species of colorful and colorful fish, along with other features, can undoubtedly be exciting and unrepeatable. In short, you will be able to manage a high-level aquarium in your hand. It’s interesting to know, because of its tremendous popularity, its third edition was also released by BitBros Inc. Designed and released for Android smartphones and is now available.

Fish Farm


  • Ability to use the PictureAquarium as an animated background
  • Possibility to use 20 aquariums with various colors and corals
  • Capable of purchasing, breeding, and selling fish to get resources
  • Take care of 20 kinds of salty water or sweet water
  • Ability to take care of fish and feed them
  • Achieve more than 230 species of fish
  • Send gifts to friends and receive gifts from them
  • Great graphics and colorful spaces from Abha’s surroundings
  • Has a variety of fish characters

In the Fish Farm game, users can use the many personalizations and options they can to better play the game. You can buy a very different and diverse fish. After having eaten and nurtured, you can start a business with them. You can use the game resources to upgrade your various sections, including: upgrading the aquarium, creating more fish, and more. 250 glowing fish, real 3D fish graphics, customizing your aquariums with more than 90 different decorative items, feeding fish, watching them play and striking on glass to stimulate them, buy, grow, nurture , And selling fish to gain coins and gain experience, take care of 20 types of salty water or sweet water, including: whales, dolphins, sharks, sea stars … Other features of the example This game is exciting. The graphics of this beautiful game are presented in great quality, and the presence of colorful spaces from the Abha area with a variety of fishes has created a memorable and perfect game.

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