GPS and calculate the distance and speed of FITAPP Running Walking Fitness

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FITAPP Running Walking Fitness is a sports GPS for fitness in the shortest possible time with special features developed by FITAPP – Fitness Walking GPS & Running App Company for Android smartphones. In this new software, all your activities are recorded accurately in a very stylish interface and displayed by a professional monitor. You can also use the program’s suggestions to burn calories faster.

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness


  • Record time, distance and speed of sports activities
  • Measurement of mean and maximum speed
  • Calories burned
  • Have a notebook of your sports activities
  • BMI calculator for tracking body weight
  • Feedback through voice playback

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness supports many sports activities such as running, cycling, skating, walking, and many more. In addition, it helps you lower your weight, count your calories and get your ideal weight. Other examples of this program include professional fitness jpegs with various sports support, unique calories for each sport, sports records and calories consumed per exercise, origin and destination Get started with Google Maps when you start sports, unique voice feedback for easier navigation on the track, access to various sports information after each day’s workouts, share your activities with your friends on various social networks. And ….

It is worth noting how calories and energy consumption are calculated in different sports, and you will have various information in each exercise. Unlike other fitness apps, this app calculates your exact position through GPS and saves your device while walking and running.Which is a major step in its popularity and distinguishes this program from other similar programs.