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Flash Alerts PREMIUM v2.4.0 Apk is Available !

View notifications with Flash Alerts

Patchy version of the app

On the iPhone, there is a feature that you can use to turn on the flash when you receive SMS or a call. In fact, the triggering of the ear is like an alert, because of which you will be notified of SMS or call. The Flash Alerts app provides users with such features on Android phones, and you can use this feature on your Android phone as well.

Features of Flash Alerts PREMIUM

  • When you receive a call or an SMS, the flash will blink
  • You can adjust the flashing frequency of the handset
  • You can turn Flash on / off in the Settings section of the flash
  • Turn on flash when receiving notifications in the load sub-section (Pro version)
  • Turn off blinking flash for different sections of the announcement (Pro version)
  • Create a DND schedule to start and finish (Pro version)

Flash Alerts Turns on the flash when it comes to incoming or inbound calls, and it flashes in such a way that it flashes. You can adjust the settings of this program so that, for example, only the phone flashes for text messages and can only be turned on for flash inputs for the phone. Adjusting the speed of blinking flash can also be possible.

Screen shot of the game or the program



– Fix crash 
– Do not disturb mode

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 2.44 MB

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