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Flash video tutorial handling Sony phones Download

Pressing phones with the Sony video tutorial to FlashTools

This method is compatible only with Sony

Are you one of the famous company phones like Sony’s older operating system versions? With this tutorial you can easily update your OS to get more benefit. So join us by the end of training.


“Any problems happen during flash APKTOPS assumes no responsibility”

“Before pressing the End key points of note”

Education :

1. advance to the End of the Flash application download and then install.

2. Flash Tools installed, go to where the file “drivers” to open the Flashtool \ drivers and a exe file called Flashtool-drivers can see it and then click on the part you are that you must tick two Flashmod Drivers and hit his first Fastboot Drivers then tick check your phone. As shown below:


3. Now go to the following address:

C: \ Users \ Apktops-PC \ .flashTool \ firmwares
ROM file to the folder phone with the extension FTF “firmwares” move.
4. Flash Tools Open the program and click the arrow button. As shown below:
5. Tick the check Flashmode and then click OK. As shown below:
6. (1) to select the ROM file and (2) all making the tick-tick the box Wipe, (3) then press Flash. As shown below:
7. wait, the program asks you to turn off your phone, then hold down the Volume Down button to turn off the phone and phone to a PC. (If your phone has a physical back button, back button and keep hold of your phone to the computer) as shown below:
8. After connecting the phone to the computer see the program began. After I was finished (about 3 to 4 minutes), you can disconnect your phone from the computer.
The initial boot will take a little phone

Happy new ROM

important points:

  • Charging the battery must be above 50%.
  • Flash timely handling all your data will be deleted after pressing better to take a backup of Atlaattvn. (For backup software from this page use)

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