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FlashFire Pro v0.70 Apk is Available !

Use all the features of CustomMotion Recovery for all FlashFire-powered handsets

No need to install recovery and with the ability to flash a variety of ZIP packages, icons, root and … 
The latest version of Premium and Full Unlock without the slightest limitation 
Support for Supersu and Xposed Flashpacks for all non-recovery phones

Probably by reading the title or a little bit of surprise or a little surprise! Without the slightest explanation, we are going to the main point. You can use FlashFire on all routers that do not have CUSTOM recovery, or they have difficulty installing recovery, or their CUSTOM recovery files, or even you do not have the experience of installing CUSTOM RECOVERY on all of it. Use the Cosmo Recovery feature.


FlashFire is capable of installing all flashback flashback zips, such as the Supersu zip file, or the Xposed zip file. You can also retrieve the same as a realistic recovery from your phone, and later, if necessary, rebuild it, and eventually even install and replace ROMs (with the full potential of your own risk and responsibility) So if you’ve ever been able to use CUSTOM RECOVERY, for whatever reason, you have to flash with any kind of zip file on your phone without any hassle.

How to use:

Download the software and install it on your router. Enter the software, press the + button


The software options are exactly like a realistic recovery recovery


The software has been tested but the risk of using the software is completely with you …

Download file

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