The latest version of Android Folder Player Pro

Until now, we have introduced several software on the site for the purpose of uniting music and music folders, such as Music Folder Player, or Player Pro, and even the PowerPlay Player, but it’s just Google’s Folder Player Pro, which is currently introducing it. We’re going to find out that many users have chosen this music player after testing all kinds of music players.


atributies :

  • Playing music as a folder and leaving to leave as easy as possible
  • Ability to display and playback folders and audio files in a tree
  • Full compatibility with Bluetooth handsfree
  • Integration with’s valid site
  • The ability to pause and pause the music while on the phone and continue playing it after the end of the call
  • Random and sequential functionality
  • Ability to customize and personalize
  • Professional and powerful Equalizer
  • Advanced search function in music