Footie Android Footej Camera app

If you are interested in photography and use your phone to take pictures, we recommend using the Footej Camera Camera app. Footie Kumara provides professional photography for users.


  • Simple and user friendly
  • Amazing quality in pictures and videos
  • Focus on specific sections
  • Manage gallery images
  • Brust mode
  • GIF animations
  • Video Slideshow Recording
  • Shutter speed control
  • RAW format
  • Snapshots during video recording

The Footej Camera software allows users to capture professional images professionally. Along with the simple environment that this app has, there are a lot of powerful and awesome tools available to users to help you capture amazing visuals. One of the most efficient and professional tools of this app is to focus on a specific part when taking pictures. Also, the ability to record video slideshows is also provided in this Android app.