Download the latest version of the PlayStation 1 FPse Simulator app

Another similar software is the ePSXe software available in the site’s archive.

Patch with lacquered patches or using Google Play

FPse for android, as its name implies, is a PlayStation game sim for Android. Of course, in previous posts, the As site introduced the very interesting software ePSXe that was used to run PlayStation 1 games on Android phones.

FPse for android 0.11.132In this post from, we’re going to introduce another similar software called FPse for android, the latest version of which is completely free, as always, in the Aptkops service.

The function and description of the software is quite similar to the ePSXe software and we do not think there is a need for other explanations.According to the test we had, apparently this software does not need rout.


To play readable PlayStation games for this software, you can either go back to the Coolrom site and download the game with the Bin extension and place it on the memory to be scanned by the software and either Play the CD of the game you want by image imaging with the Iso file extension and transfer it to your memory.


  1. For the implementation of PlayStation 2 games, due to their specific architecture and structure, simulation has not been made until now.
  2. To use this app, you’ll need to have Google Polished or patched the program by Lucky Patcher in the form of Custom Patch by SanX .
  3. At the very first time you log in to the software, a very small amount (a few kilobytes) of download is required in order to download the plugins required by the program.