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[ FREE ] Treasure Defense v2.2.0.15 APK DOWNLOAD

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Defense treasures: a new style of tower defense and strategic games are extremely fun!

Can you save Atlantis from sinking in the sea? Join the millions of people who enjoy this game a truly epic strategy game that takes place in ancient ATLANTIS. Create your defensive lines and ask the gods to power, protect your city of the tribe of invaders.

Bilateral defense

Tribal fighters in enemy try to rob you and steal your jewelry. If they succeed, try to come out with the jewelry.Now you have your walls, against the invaders and defend against those who want to leave.

Enemy buildings

You are not just your defense towers. Tribal enemy territory, you have taken control of the buildings. If you let them stay, will help the enemy, on the other hand, if all its resources to take these buildings do, you will be defenseless.

In the darkness Fight

An exciting challenge for professional players, on the night of the attacks you. In areas that are not covered at night, construction did. Can you defend your city in darkness?

Legendary ancient gods

A surge in fighting enemies, get help from the gods: Poseidon sea, Hydz underwater world, and Vulcan fire.Gradually increase the ability of the gods.

Features Treasure Defense:

– More than 90% of the game

– With more than 27 different types of tower defense, your town build a fortress impermeable.

– Of gods such as Poseidon, and Vulcan Hydz help you to defend your city against the invading tribes.

– To fend off over 30 different enemy types, for your design strategy.

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Download Size: 32.1 MB

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