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Freedom v1.2.4 Apk is Available !

The newest version of Freedom in Android

For Google In-App Payments
Need to root
Introducing the newest version of Freedom
Compatible with Android 5.0 and 6.0

Freedom is a powerful application very interesting and powerful Russian hacker ChelpuS by this software are able to purchase paid apps from Google Play features are completely free. To use this software you do not need to pay money or gift cards in a virtual environment for clever money from your virtual account to the merchant’s account.

Freedom Freedom_cover

Using the Software Freedom in this case is that after installing the software and enter your root access to the software and the software you’re looking for Through this program, to re-open the area in which the application of monetary facilities intended to free go and you buy it.

Important note:

By Freedom monetary resources for payment applications and games that can be done through the dollar goes into free software is software that is only capable of words In-App Purchases in front of him on Google Play is the bought the complete the money is from the software and can be purchased through your menu application software is also able to purchase 100% and the number of programs put forward and the methods and tricks Pj is well-known.

If you want to delete the program Freedom to first sign in and select STOP option from the main menu. If no STOP to delete the app from Google Play you’ll be in trouble.

Instructions for use and method of payment within the program:

To   For example fxguru we intend to purchase the software currency effects.

First, connect to the Internet and passing sanctions (fillet-o-breaker) to connect. (If you Google Play apps can not display money market unlocker use)

Now you enter the software Freedom.

Use the options to allow root access to the software manager then your application will automatically start and launch the Start will be signaled when the software is that if you check your phone’s Menu button in the software Stop words you see in otherwise, choose start button to start the application. Now, as shown below from the list of software programs Fxguru choose our mind.


Van messages and exhibited a show for you and you’re automatically entered into the software Fxguru. After entering the software to make sure you are connected to the passing of sanctions and Google Play Shaggy (mode) must be installed.Megapack choose the option. Messages purchase through Google Play at a price of $ 9 to see. Google Play mode is only required for this program and for other programs is not required.

FxGuru Movie FX Director 1.0.4 (3) Freedom

Now your virtual account for free Fick $ 9 software vendor account and deposit your application for your Android phone you buy will be fully successful even buy Nir message you receive.

FxGuru Movie FX Director 1.0.4 (4)

You can see for yourself that all the effects of monetary Software (except one or two effects that put Hollywood on the occasion, which you can download and use are) open and usable Megapack option in the software go.

FxGuru Movie FX Director 1.0.4 (5)

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