Google keyboard android gboard

Gboard – The Google Keyboard is a Google keyboard app for Android smartphones that Google originally designed for Apple’s handsets, and now we are seeing its release on the Android platform for PlayStation.



  • Take advantage of thousands of emoticons inside the program
  • No need to add words manually in the program’s dictionary
  • Ability to add dictionary words from another device
  • Use the shortcut keys by dragging and holding the keyboard buttons
  • Access to all numbers (digits) as usual
  • Symbols display for much faster access
  • Quick access to the Google search engine at the top of the keyboard

Gboard – The Google Keyboard is a powerful and comprehensive Google keyboard for Android smartphones. The keyboard features great features that will definitely fix all your needs. The ability to use Google search is placed at the top of the application, which allows you to directly search for different words or text that will directly log you into the Google site. On the other hand, the powerful dictionary of this keyboard has a complete database of words, and even if there is no word in its database, if you type it one by one with that keyboard, it will automatically enter into the memory of the dictionary, and then I can use it. You do not need to enter the word manually.

The appearance of the “gibberish” is very user-friendly so that it makes it work for you as an ergonomic. There is also a choice between skins and designs for this keyboard.