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Genius Scan + PDF Scanner v4.1.1 Apk is Available !

Powerful scanner app Genius Scan + – PDF Scanner

Genius Scan is a powerful software to scan multiple documents. With this program you can get PDF output and save it. This software allows you to transfer files directly supports Dropbox cloud storage they will be scanned.



  • Automatic detection and correction of perspective frames page
  • Full color images after scanning
  • JPG or PDF format allows you to email the scanned image
  • Create PDF format documents with multiple scans
  • Ability to save images in JPG format or PDF files
  • High security and impossibility spy program

The use of mobile phones scanner apps these days, especially among students is widespread. Scanner apps can be used for scanning documents such as booklets, books, etc. can be used. Scanner apps are able to convert scanned documents into PDF files so you can use it.

Genius Scan to scan documents is an old and powerful this time on ApkTops, the newest version of it you have prepared. The program is able to automatically detect the page that you want to scan from it. Then you can easily see which page to Genius Scan program to convert PDF file.

In addition to the formats PDF, JPG format capable of storing the captured image to users. After the program Genius Scan the documents you want to take pictures, can automatically increase quality or to set light to it. You can also e-mail the documents made through the program will be to different people.

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