Ghost Town Adventures is a fascinating and memorable city of mysterious ghosts: Mystery Riddles Game

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game is one of the best and most popular adventure games with addictive gameplay in the genre of arcade style, which has been designed by the gaming company named Ashney Kovalim for Android users. The adventure game begins with a long search for the grandfather. Anna, the epic girl of the game, guides you in a devastating city to help the game’s fascinating characters and discover the mysterious secrets of the game. Your guide will be the main character of the game.

Ghost Town Adventures: The Mystery Riddles Game


  • Explore and adventure in different and secluded lands
  • Has unique and well-known characters with different capabilities
  • With unexpected commotion and humor, and offering a mix of comedy and drama
  • Search and find hidden items and items and collect them in the halls, basements and …
  • Ability to fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants and …
  • Inspired by the fairy tale of Ellis in Wonderland
  • Unparalleled design in stunning graphic environments
  • Learn the history of the city of ghosts and find the guilt of the original work
  • Acceptable and proprietary hd graphics

This brave wizard has reached the mysterious city of spirits by finding a letter and following the return journey in which he was there. Heunexpectedly uses his magic wand and magically traps you in the city. Get started helping him with her journey and return home with her life.Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game The Ghost Town Adventures is hidden in the fog. But this will not be easy. In every corner, there are dangers and adventures. After playing the game, you will learn the history of the ghost town and you will find out who is guilty of all the problems in the city. Following the successful adventures, clear the city and throw Mahabad away. This memorable game inspired by El Jas in Wonderland is a journey to fantasy fantasy with unique characters. The history of the city of ghosts, myths and myths is well known, andunique characters are each included with their secrets and problems in this bay. Some of the unexpected complexities and humor can easily be presented with an unusual combination of comedy and drama.