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Glance Plus v1.6.1 Apk is Available !

Awesome gadget software and displays important notifications on the stylish screen without consuming the Glance Plusbattery

Glance Plus is a very nice and stylish app to display important information, without consuming the battery, designed and published by THSoftware for the Android smartphone operating system. In this beautiful app, plan and design important notifications such as time, date, contacts, weather, etc., and see them in a beautiful and stylish environment just by touching the sensors around the phone without consuming the battery. .

Glance Plus


  • Supports more than 10 languages ​​of the world such as English, German, Arabic, Turkish and …
  • Possibility to set up some basic notifications like battery, contacts, sms …
  • Ability to change the font size, font color and …
  • Customizable clock and preview images
  • It has two digital and analog style with the possibility of changing position
  • Ability to display notification and enable or disable them
  • Activate only by touching adjacent sensors
  • Protecting the battery and saving it
  • The user interface is very stylish and simple

Maybe you’re one of those users who sometimes just want to wake up your phone to watch the time and some of the early battery announcements, missing contacts, SMS, etc. without draining the battery. do. Glance Plus is designed to address this proposal and can make a huge change in this regard. With this app, when you put your hand on a sensor or proximity sensor, you can easily see the original and designed information on a black and very stylish screen. This cool software is a very nice clock with two different digital and analog styles that allows you to change the position of information on the screen, the ability to resize and font colors, enable or disable the display of weather notification contacts, and … To the user.

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