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GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) v2.01 Patched Apk Download Now !

The latest software version GLTools [root] gfx optimizer

Score on Google Play: 4.6 out of 5 – $ 6 price on Google Play

Perhaps the name of the language and its application GLTools to be heard and of course a lot of requests to introduce and put this software on Apktops that we now offer going to introduce the latest version of the app, along with training us. GLTools graphics optimizer Prtrfdatryn one of Google apps like ChainFire 3D is a program by which able to make changes to the graphics and even gpu (graphics card of your Android phone) software for example can apply to games not play with much higher frame and better graphics.

The software is practical changes for pre-operative and post-operative so that it can Pnchmark software to easily view and record. This application has far more features than similar software is its Chainfire.

GLTools- [root] - (gfx-optimizer) _cover
Features :

  • Analysis of 16 bits to represent more accurately
  • Less precision image analysis and therefore more frames in their games and run more smoothly
  • Optimization Shadering
  • Change the size of the textures (Texture)
  • Show frames for applications and games to see the changes
  • Gpu profile and OpenGL for fake (not available for all games)

An example of application performance before and after the game Modern Combat 4

GLTools (graphics optimizer) 1.29

To use this app you must be root your Android phone

Learning to use:

Sign in and choose the desired game or application and press the tick enable custom setting. For faster render use lowerresolution on 5x. Or 25x. Put (5x. Recommended) to use shaders tick stir optimize GLSL shaders.
To have more quality clients use fake GPU info struck and use a template touch and tegra 4 options to choose from (for old games like Asphalt 7)


This program changes you make in ROM and in some rare cases may be software problems. So Apktops no responsibility for the use of program resources.

Important note:

If you have problems after the change-ROM, you can delete apps through the Android Flash recovery. To do this uninstall_gltools .zip file that you copied during installation program in memory through flash recovery program and change until it is removed from your phone.

GLTools 1.99:

This copy is purchased from Google, but it requires a patch that is placed Pachter individually.

Pachter installed and root access to it and then not by choice Patch Patch program.

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