The latest version of Jal-Toulouse Android software

A tool to make changes in the graphics of Android phones

You may have heard the name of the GLTools software on this and that, and of course there were a lot of requests for the introduction and placement of this software on the  site, which we are now aiming to introduce the latest version of this popular app with training.GLTools graphics optimizer One of Google’s most popular apps is a ChainFire 3D-like application that can programmatically modify graphics and even gpu (your Android device’s graphics card), for example, you can play games Play with a much higher frame and better graphics.

This Gil-Toulz software is practical so that it can be easily viewed and documented by the software, before and after operation. This software has much more features than the same software, Chainfire.

GLTools- [root] - (gfx-optimizer) _cover JL Toulouse
atributies :

  • 16-bit parsing to display more accurately
  • Lowering the precision of image decomposition and, consequently, framing more in games and making them smoother
  • Shader Optimization
  • Resize Texture
  • Show frames in apps and games to see how much change you have
  • Changing the profile of Gpu and OpenGL fake (not applicable to all games)

An example of the performance of the software before and after use on the game Modern Combat 4

GLTools (graphics optimizer) 1.29

To use this software you need to have your Android handset

Teach your use of Gil-Toulz:

Enter the program and select the game or program you want to enable custom setting. Use the lower render resolution for 5x more quickly.Or 25x. Put (5x recommended) To use shaders, tick optimize GLSL shaders.
For more quality, use fake GPU info and touch the use a template and select the tegra 4 option (suitable for old games like asphalt 7)


This program makes changes to your ROM and may cause some software problems in some rare cases. Therefore,will not be responsible for any use of the program.

Important note:

If you’re having trouble after applying ROM changes, you can uninstall the program through Android flash recovery. To do this, you need to uninstall the file that is copied when you install the program on your memory through a flash recovery to remove the program and its changes from your phone.

Particulate patch:

If there is a problem , install the patch and give root access and then patch the application with the patch option.