The official Google Gmail app for the Gmail app for Android

The Google Gmail App is the official app name for managing emails and sending new emails to the Gmail email service. This softwaregives users quick access to the Gmail email service.

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Features of Gmail Android

  • Access to 15GB of free email space
  • Ability to manage emails received in Gmail
  • Ability to send new email using Gmail
  • Extremely attractive and user friendly

Introducing Gmail for Android

Gmail service is one of the most successful products Google has released. With the release of Gmail’s email service, the service was able to quickly bring in many of the users who previously used Yahoo and other email services. This was also due to the excellent features that Google had for its Gmail service at that time. Over time, Gmail users have become much more up-to-date and Gmail can now be considered one of the most utilized mailing services, which also has many advocates in Iran.

Google Apps for users who use this service has an Android application called Google Gmail App, which by installing it on your phone, you can access your email in your phone with full features. Be.

The Google Gmail app lets you manage emails you’ve received. With this software you can send new emails for each account in various emailing services.

It is also possible to attach various files to the email using this program, and you can easily attach the file with the text you have written. If you also email the users of this service, we recommend that you do not miss the Google Gmail app in any way, and then get it directly from the site.