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GO Locker VIP – theme and wallpaper v6.06 Apk is Available !

Download lock “Go Locker” GO Locker Android

VIP version of Interview Programs Locker

Version has been thoroughly tested and free from defects.

Screen lock (Lock Sreen) to a page the user is told that when pressing the Power button on the phone’s face, and if it password or pattern intended to be, must enter a password or pattern entered, the page opens up access to the phone. If you want to use the lock was, of course you are familiar with the lock screen, GO popular. This time on the lock screen As VIP version we have prepared beautiful with excellent facilities and is unique.



  • Has a very interesting and diverse themes
  • Insert the desired photos for La Screen
  • Lock in code and using Pattern
  • Can be installed on all existing launchers
  • Has seven different effects to unlock the lock screen

Version Features Vip:

  • Purchased in-app for all skins
  • Access to more than 400 themes bought
  • Be the first to try the case
  • Shell, such as Windows eight, three-dimensional, weather, games, animation and …

GO Locker VIP VIP version Locke Screen Goo is a charming and stylish for Android smartphones is available. The lock screen layouts have purchased all users have access to a lot of stylish and attractive shell and the shell can be called whenever they chose to lock screen and use it. The lock screen is placed a lot of different layouts purchased to fit your personal taste, you can use them.



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