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God of Era: Epic Heroes War v0.1.46 MOD Apk is Available !

Battle of the God of Era Heroes: Epic Heroes War

God of Era: Epic Heroes War is one of the most appealing and newest action-fighting games in the role-playing games played by Zonmob Game Studio for Android platforms. In this fascinating game, you have to equip your hero and fight your enemies for hours to reach your goals. Because with the birth of powerful heroes, new epic wars will begin.

God of Era: Epic Heroes War


  • Has a system of various heroes with different powers and skills
  • Ability to use auto mode to control the heroes in battle
  • The ability to collect resources and open rare and rare treasures
  • Have daily rewards for legendary prizes
  • Possibility to rank in the epic ranking on the world’s top list
  • Possibility to create your own team and choose different strategies to fight others
  • Darriar addictive gameplay with 3D graphics and HD

Before anything else, it’s best to know that the core of God’s Era: Epic Heroes War is rotate around magical powers and power ups, and you need to gain points to increase your power and destroy enemies with more power. In this fascinating game, invite more than 10 mythical heroes and turn them into powerful squads, then get ready for items and equipment and boost your hero’s power to battle gods. These heroes will receive different combat and combat forces after training, which will prepare them to compete in epic wars. The heroes won in this campaign will be honored as the best epic warrior. Now in this ardent era, explore the great map of the game and experience challenging wars with different opponents. The game also has a 3D and beautiful graphics with an addictive and stunning gameplay, with its unique design, undoubtedly another evolution in action games.

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