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Google Calendar v5.8.6-175140437 Apk is Available !

The most recent official version of Google’s beautiful and popular calendar for Android phones


Google Calendar The official Google Calendar for Android phones can be one of the best and most popular Android-powered calendars with the ability to connect to Google’s account and manually adding a variety of favorite calendars to it. With 500 million downloads from Google Play, the app ranked one of the most popular calendars, with the Google name being one of the reasons behind its popularity.

This software has the ability to display calendar as well as the ability to insert events and birthdays, etc. But for us, Iranians whose history is used is a solar year history, using an unpublished calendar to inform us of history. It is also the day when all mobile phones and even wrist watches are equipped with these days. But the top Android website today teaches you a way to fake the main and official calendar of your phone or any calendar that has the ability to connect to a Google account so that you can use these calendars as images Enjoy the highlights of the Shamanic Day with the occasions alongside the same day!

New-Google-Calendar-App Google Calendar Calendar

Google Calendar display after using the solar calendar introduced on the top Android site

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