The latest version of Google Chrome for Android

With over 1 billion downloads from Google Play 
With a version for Android 7.0

You can not find someone using the Internet, but the name of the powerful Google browser, Chrome – Chrome Browser , has not listened to.Google’s powerful browser is considered to be one of the fastest, safest and best browsers for years to come with Android version for users of this operating system, and Google will provide regular updates for it.

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  • Integrated synchronization to access bookmarks and passwords and other information
  • Bandwidth savings – Reducing mobile Internet usage by up to 50% when surfing the web
  • Browse faster – Quickly display search results and speed up page insertion
  • Voice Search – The efficiency of Google Voice Search
  • Translate – translate web pages into your preferred language
  • Intuitive Gestures – Easy to use tabs and moves between them
  • Privacy – Use the secure mode to browse the pages

Chrome history

When Google launched the Chrome OS version of the Chrome OS, the company’s main goal was to compete with the Firefox browser. Google was able to succeed in this and set up a close compromise with Firefox. Of course, it should not be forgotten that under the name of Chrome, a large company called Google, while the beginning of Firefox began with a very small company under the name of Mozilla. But if we want to talk about the right thing, we should point out that really great Chrome appeared and there was not much Firefox at that time, and Google Chrome could not be considered just because of Google’s name.

Chrome for Android

After the great success of the program in Windows, it was turning to the Android operating system to make Chrome the same for Android users. Of course, it was not so tricky for Google, it was enough to put the browser on its Android operating system (default) to convince users to use it. Extremely high power, fast loading speed and unparalleled security were some of the things that were stuffed with Chrome, and these were just enough stuff to attract users to this browser. Google has succeeded in making Chrome one of the most popular browsers on the Android operating system.

Sink all the info

Noteworthy about the powerful Chrome Browser browser is the ability to sync it with different versions. Namely, you can use the history of your browser and the pages you bookmark on your Android device by installing the Chrome Browser on your Android device. With just one simple synchronization on both devices, you can use shared information. So every page that you add or download to your bookmarks on Android or Windows, in the other operating system, the same page is added to the history and bookmarks.

Chrome is affordable

Google claims that Chrome can reduce up to 50% of your Internet traffic. According to Google, the Chrome Browser is capable of low Internet usage, which means that web pages can be used less with Internet traffic. The other thing about the Chrome browser is that it has the ability to translate pages in different languages. In the Chrome Browser, you can translate the pages you open into the language you want. Doing this is done using your Google program, Google’s Transylie.

Undoubtedly, Chrome Browser is one of the fastest Android browsers that can load every page in a very short time. Chrome’s high security has made it a unique browser for mobile users, which can be downloaded directly from thesite.