The latest version of Google Docs Android

Full support for Farsi (Persian)

After a long wait, Google finally released for Android after Google Docs and Google Sheets, which were previously released for iOS. These software, editing and new applications are likely to compete with Microsoft. Google Docs software, as its name implies, is an editing and word processor application for making and editing texts made almost the same as software Word is made by famous Microsoft makers. Google also introduced another application called Google Sheets, which is also a new rival for Microsoft’s Exel. As you know, Microsoft has released the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications for iOS and Android, and Google has also Probably, the two programs were quickly introduced and released to keep track of the clutches.


atributies :

  • Create, edit, and quickly edit documents with the Google Docs app
  • Creating and editing documents through various devices will not miss you
  • Easily share documents
  • Everything is automatically saved: do not worry about losing your data