The latest version of Google’s Android app

Ordinary version + version of Google Chrome X86 processor

Google Drive is one of Google’s finest and most up-to-date services, which has been around for some time now with the Android-based Android client service of this unique service. With this service, you will have a completely dedicated cloud environment to store and download and download the file types you desire exactly like the Dropbox service provided by the Android client of this software, which in this post from the site introduced the latest version of it. You can easily manage your files on your personal space.


atributies :

  • Ability to upload any file absolutely free and at high speed
  • Quick access to all the files you want
  • Ability to share files between other users
  • Editable documents on your user interface
  • Ultra-featured view of Office and PDF files and …
  • The interface is very stylish and lightweight and user-friendly