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Google Earth v9.2.0.3 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Google Earth on top Android

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Surely, if you’ve heard the experience of working with Google Earth’s awesome software at least once in a while. By Google Earth, which in the past only saw the production of PC versions under Windows, we would be able to watch the planet by updated satellite imagery. In the meantime, you could even find a home-based look and look at the exact look! Now we see the Android version of this software, which introduces the latest version of Google Earth.


Features :

  • Search for the desired location
  • Locating (the Use wireless networks option in Location & Security settings must be enabled)
  • Different layers to display and hide: Locations, Jobs, Borders, Roads, Oceans
  • Display control via compass sensors and accelerometer
  • Display control via touch screen
  • Browse around around the selected point axis if the Look-around option is enabled from the icon on the map
  • Three-dimensional display of world-famous buildings and cities

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