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Google Gmail v7.1.29.147605088 Apk is Available !

Gmail Google Gmail App for Android is the official application site

Supplied by Google
With over 5 billion downloads from Google Play

Google Gmail App Officially Released for email management application name and e-mail of new e-mail service Gmail is. This software allows quick access to mail service Gmail users to easily ratings.

gmail-app gmail Android Gmail


  • 15 GB of free access to emails
  • Ability to manage emails received in Gmail
  • LED ability to send email using Gmail
  • Has a very attractive appearance and easy application user

Gmail for Android

Google’s Gmail service, which is one of the most successful products offered. With the launch of the e-mail service Gmail, the service was able in a short time many users who previously used the services of Yahoo and other email services into its own.

The reason for this was the excellent facilities that it took Google for its Gmail service was considered. Over time, much more Gmail users and Gmail can now be considered one of the email services of Karbrtryn mention that Iran has many supporters as well.

Google for users who use this service to app called Google Gmail App for the Android operating system that is installed on your phone, you can access your email on your phone to complete with all amenities, access Be.

Google Gmail App app lets you manage your e-mails I have received gives you. With this software, you can email for each email account of the different service here.

Ability to attach multiple files to email, and you can use this program with the written text also simply attach the file. If you’re also encouraged users to email service of Google Gmail App to never miss a program, and thenget it directly from the site.

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