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Google Maps v9.36.1 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Google Maps Google Maps for Android

Score on Google Play: 4.3 of 5

As you know Android phones by default in Google Maps or Google Maps navigation software there. This software is capable of online and offline using your Android phone Gps hardware, the current situation and give you other interesting features. The new version of this software from Google Inc. Because of interesting and significant features included.

No doubt Google Maps is the latest and most up to date map of the world and if you live in a small town or are traveling to these cities, you will not find better routing of Google Map. Google Maps is incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with and can easily find the most precise route and places. Google Maps search section that requires Internet is a place for you to find and map displays.

google-maps-android Google Maps

Features :

  • View maps in two and three dimensional
  • Ability to display detailed online traffic for the support of Iran’s streets
  • Location using GPS and Internet
  • Orientate and outlining the proposed route to reach the destination
  • Search for a place to
  • With the ability to show or hide layers
  • Mark points of interest on the map
  • Support services, Street View and My Tracks
  • Audio Guide
  • Storage facilities and to download maps for offline use
  • Free!

Google Maps in its new version allows you to download maps for offline use also has added various locations, and since Google Maps is the most complete map of the world, so even if you live in a small town can also download maps of the city photos. The superior advantage compared to other maps and GPS Google Map is because other programs are the only large city map.



  1. In order to use Google Maps App Google play service you need.
  2. The new version of Google Maps allows you to download maps for offline. Iran may in the future be among Offline Maps Google Maps currently only online but can not use maps.
  3. Map observed for cache remain in phone next time without the Internet you can use the map for the area, but routing is possible only online.
  4. Google Maps app has a lot of versions for different phones and Rvlyshyn fit the screen and processor type. Due to the large variety of versions we’ve put only two public version of the application. If your phone’s processor type x86 or ARM 64 is better this application directly through the Google Play Store update you.
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