The latest version of Google Maps Maps for Android

As you know, there are default Google Maps or Google Maps on Android phones. This software is capable of online and offline use of your Android device’s Gps hardware, current location and other cool features. In the new version of this software, interesting and unobtrusive features are included by Google.

Undoubtedly, Google Maps has the latest and greatest maps of the world, and if you live in small cities or plan to travel to these cities, you will not find better routing than Google Maps. Working with Google Maps is incredibly easy and enjoyable, and you can easily find the most accurate routes and locations. The Google Maps search area that needs the Internet will find and place on your map any place.

google-maps-android google map

atributies :

  • View maps in two-dimensional and three-dimensional
  • Ability to display online traffic accurately with the support of Iranian streets
  • Find your nearest service locations
  • Locating using GPS and the Internet
  • Direction and plot the proposed route to reach the destination
  • Search for places of interest
  • Various layers with the ability to display or hide
  • Mark points of interest on the map
  • Supports Street View and My Tracks
  • Sound guide
  • Ability to store and download maps for offline use
  • Free!

Google maps in its new versions also has the ability to download maps of various locations for offline use, and since Google’s map is the most comprehensive map in the world, so even if you live in a small city, you can download the maps of that city. Get This is a Google Maps advantage over other maps and gps because other apps only cover the big cities.