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Google Photos v2.15.0.156253049 Apk is Available !

Manage and categorize pictures with Google Photos (Picasa former)

A product from Google

All versions of the DPI resolution downloadable Read more

Google Photos product of the well-known company Google for Android phones that allows users to manage and categorize it using your mobile phone pictures in them. The software features and tools in this area will be at your disposal.



  • Search functionality is very professional with the ability to search images using the selected tags
  • The backup automatic backup of images with 15 GB of space allocated to each user
  • Ability to backup photos and videos in the cloud service to remove them and free up space
  • Assemble and mix images and videos on the phone with several different tools, such as filters, regulators colors and …
  • Share pictures on various social networks as simply as possible!

Google’s photo management tool for all applications

To dare to say that Google has to do anything special phone software, especially as it is offered to users so that users can safely work under your Google before Bbrnd.ayn unique products subject only a simple search on Play Store can understand and complete list of programs offered by Google and used where designers are trying to provide the best product for users. Again on another Google product called Google Photos have prepared for you.

Google Photos as one of the best and most powerful software to manage images inside Android phones known. With this software allows you to manage your phone’s image gallery will have pictures and videos.

This program provides you with the tools needed to edit images at will and you can make use of filters, effects and other editing tools necessary to do their images. Professional search feature images based on tags that have been set for them in Google Photos app is provided.

It allows direct uploading images and videos in the cloud, Google will give you. You’ll have 15 GB of space equivalent to Google Photos app to automatically backup your photos and videos so that in case of any problems, you can reuse them in mind.

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