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Google Play Games v5.3.99 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android’s Google Play Games

Google PlayGal is an essential tool for all handsets

Latest version 5.3.99 for different DPIs

Google Play Games is the name of a Google app that has been released for the Android platform. This app allows you to manage games installed on your phone. But the most important application of this program is to save game stages to your Google account, which means that your other steps will not be lost in a game by dropping the game or changing the phone.

All the steps are taken and the game information will be synced to your Google account and will be called every time the connection is saved.

google-play-games Google Play Android

This app is an essential application for all Android users, and if you have not installed it, be sure to install it. Connecting to this app requires a sink account on Android.


  • Save all achievements in various online and offline games
  • Ability to view and manage games
  • Manage multiplayer games
  • Supported by countless games on Google Play

For Google Polygam right to check out Google Play Services Lite.

The new version of Google Play Games will be updated gradually and as soon as it’s released.

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