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Google Play Music v8.5.6541-1.Y Apk is Available !

Google Play Music Google Play Music app

With over 1 billion downloads from Google Play

The Google Play Music app is a familiar Google name that all Android users are familiar with. This app is pre-installed on most Android smartphones. The function of this app is similar to the Spotlight service.



  • Unlimited listening to music
  • Ability to make radio from any song or album
  • Enjoy unlimited radio
  • Get smart recommendations based on your taste

These days, streaming music services have grown somewhat and their use has become more pervasive. Many people listen to music streaming services. In streaming music you will have access to the latest music from the world and you can listen to them.

On the other hand, listening to these music can be useful for people with little internal memory, due to the ability to listen to them online and do not have to store them on your mobile phone. Of course, it’s best to know that you can also store music in your phone.

The Google Play Music app is one of Google’s services that allows you to access various music. With the Google Music Service, you can listen to your favorite music online.

In the Google Play Music app, all your music and albums are displayed with their own dedicated covers, which you can see. Also, for many songs, their lyrics are also posted so you can see them. There is also the ability to store files in the internal memory for users. If you’re an enthusiast listening to music from around the world, we recommend that you never miss the Google Play Music app .

Note: Android Wear requires Android 7.0 up.

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