Google Sheets excel spreadsheet application on Android

Google Sheets is the official Google app for the Android operating system, which lets you create and edit excel files on your mobile device.This software offers great and unbelievable features for users.

Google-Sheets Download Google Excel for Android

Google Sheets Features

  • Make spreadsheets or edit spreadsheets (excel) made by any means
  • Share spreadsheets and tasks with others at one time and similar spreadsheets
  • Run, edit, and save Microsoft Office Excel files
  • Ability to save or end things at any time without the need for the Internet
  • Ability to schedule dates, view tables, enter formulas, use search, paste and …
  • Saving the text that you type is completely automated

Google Schizzle is an excel in every sense

Perhaps the first company that will never stop behind its rivals is Google. Without a doubt, Google has the largest number of apps in the same field, so it can keep track of it at least if it’s not ahead of its rivals. Google is well versed in publishing the Google Sheets app for the Android operating system. When Microsoft launched Microsoft Office for Android, Google did not install Google Sheets (and several other programs) for Microsoft, which could keep its users as usual, and they Do not miss.

Google Sheets is a program for creating and editing Excel spreadsheets. Using this software, you can simply create an Excel file in your phone.You can also easily edit pre-made files. You also do not have to worry about losing your files, because in any case all your changes and typos in the Google Sheets program will be saved automatically and if there are any problems such as interrupting the Internet, turning off the phone and ou can get this app directly from the site.